49 Mainview Blvd, Truganina Vic 3029



Reconciliation Pentecostal Church has a vision for those with broken heart to restore and rebuild salvation and empower the faith as it is the first step or foundation of our Christianity.

The church was raised up by the power of Holy Spirit on the 18TH of October 2023, after Holy Pentecostal Church and African Christianity Pentecostal Church being together in prayer and consultation for seven months and we both concluded to come up with ideas of having one church instead of two. The RECONCILIATION PENTECOSTAL CHURCH was founded by Pastor Jimmy Baseka, Pastor Imani Zihindula Bunguke and Pastor Bitatemwa Toga Gaspar, assisted by Evangelist Diallo Misenga and Deacon Rodina Bazirane as well as together with their wives: Deacon Neema Kwizera, Deacon NeemaNabirugi, Josephine Sukari, Salima Mauwa and Mapendo Tulizo. In Victoria, Melbourne – Australia. The work was not that easy in order to establish due to the challenges and misconception, but by the grace of God as he promised grandfather of believers Ibrahim that will possess the land even his descendants the land will be theirs if they obey and walk in righteousness, within that hope the church continue its work.


We prayed God while being in hard time, during that time God answered we saw the hand of God walking within us, produces miracles, heals, and restored the broken hearts, uses they people.

Now we are whole community respecting and follow the promises and direction of God as he says, there is only one true way leading to heaven, the thin and wider, so we decided to step into the thin way which led to heaven and those who obey that way will never be disappointed.

Afterward God continues to produce the blessing, miracles, healing within our church and we are lifted up by his grace, now both are in Wyndham City from different location, witnessing the work of his hands, whereby we still seeing the different miracles as we have been promised that if we obey and respect the true gospel we will conquer and that is the hope we have within us.